Thoughts on Motion

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As photographers, we capture a slice of time with every shutter release. Usually this time slice is short, and the subject rendered perfectly frozen. But there is no rule saying that the time slice need be short; what happens when we lengthen it?

How is motion communicated in a photograph?

Freezing Action

A fast shutter speed can freeze the motion in our world. Typically this is combined with a wide-open aperture. What is fast?. Sports typically requires 1/1000 or faster; people walking in the park on a sunny day may only require 1/200. No tripods required for this technique.


May Assignment: Photo Essay

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As our 2015/2016 season comes to a close, the final assignment was “Photo Essay”. What this meant varied from person to person: single images creating wonder in the mind of the viewer; or a series of images, perhaps documenting an event. Images were viewed during our May 17 meeting at the CGC.

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