We will post Field Trip information here.

None planned in the immediate future…
Hi everyone – our trip to the flowers, birds etc (and all things along the South Klondike corridor and Skagway) is now upon us!
We are going to meet at Carcross Corner, SATURDAY June 21, at 8:45AM for a 9:00AM departure (11:00 AM PST at Dyea). Car pooling possibilities should cut down costs.

The Iris’s and other flowers site is in the Historical Sites Area at DYEA. Once you get real close in Skagway (before the bridge) you turn RIGHT to go to Dyea (there is a sign)  and drive until you come to the Graveyard and Historical Sites turn off.   This should be about 17 km but not positive. The road is usually good but twisty and narrow in spots.
The Historical Sites is to the left and the Graveyard is to the right.  Once you get to the Historical Sites area you will see an area to the left that has Tourism billboards and information.  There is an outhouse there.  We usually drive to the right and keep going across the small white bridge and park anywhere after that and begin taking photos.  Please bring your own food and drinks and what ever else you need for an outing. Be aware of the weather and pack accordingly. We plan to go into Skagway on the way back for a get together and snack/coffee – more photo ops at the marina and elsewhere!
Also Please be aware that we are traveling to the States, and their Customs will need to see your passport.
We also ask that ALL those who wish to participate please respond by return e-mail (do not “reply to all”) so that we may have an idea of who can be expected at Carcross Corner. Rides could be arranged from the City to the Carcross Cutoff for those in need of a lift. If you are planning on independent travel – please let us know so we can look for you in Dyea.