The Whitehorse Photography Club presents

2016 Fall Workshop with Neil Zeller 

October 14-16, 2016

“Visual Story Telling”


“I photograph because I love to show people what I am seeing, exactly how I am feeling and seeing it. Shooting and editing my photos to a point where I am recreating how I felt in the moment of taking the photo is my greatest joy. To be able to share that with my viewers so that they feel the same way is incredible.

My guiding principle in photography is “Be Positive, Always.” This mantra guides me in all my work, and in how I shoot. Having this attitude attracts positive people to my work, and as a result I am working with some of the coolest corporate and private clients in and around
Calgary. Additionally, I am always happy to share what I know with anyone who genuinely wants to learn. I started teaching my style in formal classes and workshops in early 2013 and now have monthly workshops and destination photo trips around Western Canada.

I try to shoot with feeling in all my projects, from my own art photography to the seemingly most mundane corporate shoots. If I can tell the story of whatever it is I am asked to tell, then I have succeeded.

I make images that help create incredible opportunities for my client businesses. How? My goal on every photoshoot or event is to find a way to tell the story that my client has asked me to help define. Coming from a strong background of sales and marketing in Calgary, I am in a unique position to understand the needs of each individual client, and be able to provide the images they need to make their marketing and storytelling initiatives succeed!

I am proud to capture the best of people and corporations every day! I am equipped with the best industry tools, combined with a positive outlook, to showcase the best side of all my amazing customers.

When I’m not capturing the best side of corporate Calgary, I am capturing the best sides of scenic Calgary. From our 2X0A8020amazing river valley, to the Peacebridge, to downtown and beyond out into the Alberta Countryside, I have a vast gallery of corporate and personal art, ready to be printed for your art collection. I am also teaching and speaking on the passion of my photography to private groups, schools, seminars and Workshops all over Western Canada. ”

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