Biography  (2013)

I joined the Whitehorse Photography Club a number of years ago to learn how to take better photos & for the companionship of photographers.  Everyone in this club is so giving with their knowledge & willingness to share information.  I’m proud to be a member of the Executive and I cherish the friendships I have made with the members.

When my first child was born in 1966 I had a small Brownie box camera and began to take a lot of family photos.  I did not consider composition, light or any other component in taking a good photo.  I snapped the picture & was pleased to get it.  The pictures were developed into 3 ½ by 3 ½ square black & white snapshots.

In 1976 I moved with my family to the Yukon.  I branched out in my artistic world & bought a Pentax 35 mm & Tamaron lenses.  In 2000 purchased a point & shoot Pentax ESPI0 928, 35 mm with a 90mm telephoto lens.  Next came a Nikon 35 mm which accepted my Tamaron lenses and I used it for a long time.

While in vacationing in Hawaii I photographed a couple of Jack Fish in an enormous glassed in aquarium.  The picture was my inspiration for the “Under Water Neon” art piece purchased by Friends of the Gallery in 1991 for the Yukon Permanent Art Collection.

Under Water Neon

During the opening of the Yukon Arts Centre I was asked to design a piece for the opening.  I had a photograph of a water lily I used for my inspiration.  I used the photo as the main art focus & designed 4 Lily clay pieces to sit in front of it.

For a number of years I photographed “Documentary” wedding photos.

In 2004 I thought I best get on board with this digital camera revolution.  I purchased a Sony Cybershot DSC-P100 point and shoot with a zoom lens which I still use today.  2007 I bought a Fuji Fine Pix S5200.  I had so much to learn with this new technology.  Finally I bought my Nikon D90Every day I am learning something new in this mind boggling, technological world of cameras & photo editing software and I love it.