I have been a member of the Whitehorse Photography Club since I moved to the Yukon from Ontario in 1982 and I have served on the executive almost the entire time. My early years in the club were a time of rapid advancement of my photographic and artistic skills with the knowledge and inspiration imparted by fellow members and by some of the most exceptional professional photographers in the country at our annual workshops.

Most any type of subject is fair game for my camera but I gravitate to the natural world and it is most accessible to me with the Yukon wilderness literally stretching from my doorstep. I am a lousy documentary photographer, often not even thinking to capture something significant if I do not see aesthetic or creative potential in it. I generally strive for artistry in my images over accurate portrayal and many of my favourites are quite abstract. I prefer to achieve abstraction in-camera but, for most of what I photograph, I also have no compunction about manipulation in software. Another avenue of inspiration is the use of my camera as a vehicle for discovery of things I cannot see with the naked eye or, more often, simply would otherwise tend to not see in the normal day to day routine of life. That is the basis of my long-time passion for macro photography and some recent dabbling in astrophotography.

I have used Pentax equipment since my first film SLR, a screw-mount Spotmatic II, and I love the capabilities of my current K-5 DSLR. My lenses cover the range from 10mm to 500mm, including two macro primes. I tend to favour the extremes over the more mundane “normal” focal lengths. Favourite accessories include neutral density filters for long exposures and a Pentax GPS module that provides “astrotracer” capability with the K-5, thus enabling my explorations in astrophotography. I have a capable computer and a wide gamut monitor to harness the power of Lightroom and Photoshop, my main photo editing applications in which I have achieved a degree of competence through many years of practice. I also enjoy print making with my Epson Pro 3800. And photography has led me into the world of web design with my hobby site at