BIO –   It seems, like most, I’ve always been ‘taking pictures’.  I started  on a more serious note when I worked with my husband and staff at his  Audio/Visual business in the 80’s.  Armed with 2 Nikon Camera bodies and many good lenses, we did several ‘slide shows’ for various businesses and gov’t departments.  Some highlights that come to mind were a slide show for the NWT government on Inuvik; traveling up the Dempster Highway; travelling and shooting on the Princes Patricia cruise ship (once used in the “Love Boat ” series of long ago) for a local travel agency; being part of a multi-image slide show for the Yukon Pavilion in Vancouver during Expo ’86.  Now those shows are mostly languishing and fading on dusty shelves somewhere in the ether. Along the way  some of my work was published in travel magazines and used in 2 White Pass calendars.

Later as a real estate salesperson for 22 years, it was mostly ‘point and shoot’ although I did work with video in my spare time, mostly at 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. standing on a hill at -30 with the batteries under my arm and trying to keep warm while shooting the ‘addictive’ Northern Lights.  At that time I was using a Sony PD-150 and later purchased a Sony EX-1.  We did produce a DVD  with Northern Lights (live video) which is still selling on the market today.

Then one day, after leaving real estate behind, I decided to get back into ‘still’ photography.  I found it quite a learning curve to suddenly work with a full frame sensor Nikon camera and heavy lenses in the new Digital Age.  So along with taking tutorials, workshops and some ‘trial and error’ I am now easing myself into this new medium, enjoying and learning every day and planning to pursue this passion for the next while.