Image Sizing / Editing

Many of you use many types of image editing and management software, and there are many more sources “out there”. The majority do seem to lean to the Adobe products (Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom). There are other sources available as well (e.g. Apple’s iPhoto). Some use free programs such as Picasa or Gimp.

Most photography software will resize your image. If yours does not, you can try Free Picture Resizer (Windows) or RapidoResizer (Mac). Make sure the aspect ratio is locked.

For our assignments or anything presented at our meetings using our digital projector, your image must be saved as *.jpeg (or *.jpg), preferably in sRGB colour space, and should be no wider than 1400 pixels, nor higher than 1050 pixels. If your image is to be posted on this web site or Facebook, then we recommend it be no larger than 1.0 Mb, and the maximum dimensions will be 800 pixels wide and 600 pixels high. Facebook Cover Photo selections will be cropped to about 2.5:1 (width to vertical) ratio to suit the allocated space.

Recommended sizing for competitions (e.g. North Shore Challenge) will be announced with the competition notice.


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