Photography Bio:

My father’s passion was painting, especially landscapes.  When I was about eight he
decided to experiment with photography as a means of capturing scenes that he could
later paint.  This meant creating a small darkroom in which he could develop film and
make prints.  This experiment didn’t last very long as he found he really preferred to
sketch the scenes he liked.  It was long enough, however, to ignite in me a life-long
interest in photography.
Born and educated in England, I lived and worked in Singapore and Hong Kong before
settling permanently in Canada many years ago.  Wherever I have lived and whatever
other interests I developed, somehow photography always remained as a primary
interest.  As a SCUBA diver, underwater photography provided an additional element to
exploring and recording an alien world.  My interest in Astronomy equally provided an
opportunity to capture other more distant worlds and entire galaxies.  As my interest in
Astronomy evolved into a fascination with astrophysics, so my telescopes were
increasingly neglected and my photography became restricted to the dawn-till-dusk
I have, over the years, “progressed” from using medium-format film to the more
convenient 35 mm camera systems. Now, of course, film and the darkroom have
morphed into digital systems, complete with Lightroom rather than darkroom.  An
enduring remnant from my medium-format days, however, is to take the time to capture
the best possible image in the camera rather than to rely heavily on computer
enhancement or manipulation.