North Shore Photographic Challenge 2019 Selections

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Our club’s North Shore Photographic Challenge entry is now in the hands of the hosting North Shore Photographic Society, awaiting judging at a live event in Vancouver on March 2nd. Results are promised by April 7th.

Our image selection process began with 14 members each submitting up to 4 images for consideration. A special meeting of the club was held on January 13th, where attending members chose one best image from each participant by majority vote. The participants then had an opportunity to make additional edits to their chosen photo, based on feedback generated at the meeting. Then those 14 images were forwarded to Ann Alimi, a CAPA certified judge in Ontario, who had the daunting task of choosing just 6 of the images for our club entry. She also provided a few editing suggestions to further improve some of those selections, and the photographers had a chance to apply those recommendations before our submission was finalized.

Thank you to all the members who participated, whether by submitting images or attending the selection meeting. And a special thank you to Ann Alimi, who again graciously provided the benefit of her expertise to make the final selections as well as give helpful comments and suggestions for many of the images.

Here are the 6 images that constitute our entry:

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